Sprint Van Services

Sprint Van Services

Do you have a little load to deliver but don’t want to bother with trying to find and share space on a large 18-wheeler? The solution lies in Sprint Van services. Consider it your mobile storage space with standing space and rear and side doors if you need to transport your equipment. Sprinter vans with a greater cargo area and easy in and outdoors are available from a business class limo for the efficient delivery of goods to several destinations. Our sprint van services have the benefit of having a bigger cargo capacity than typical cargo vans.

High quality services:

With a cargo space of up to 13.5 feet, you can carry the equivalent of three 48 x 48 skids or pallets with over 5000lb of cargo. Some of the benefits of using a Sprinter Van are: • Larger load capacity than Cargo vans • Easy to drive and navigate • Rear and side door opening • Ability to stand • Wider body • Can carry a good amount of weight We keep our sprinters in good and efficient shape. They are fast, safe, and easy to handle. With accommodation for both passengers and luggage, our sprint van services with a 13-passenger capacity are the ideal transporter. These cars are an excellent option for business trips, airport transportation, and shuttle services for visitors to and from special events.

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Our Executive vans have roomy interiors with more than 6 feet of headroom, plush high-back, contoured seats, all with headrest and shoulder strap seat belts, and lots of legroom when you’re seated. There is plenty of room for your group’s luggage. The interior is kept cool by the dark-tinted windows, which also give your VIP clientele the absolute seclusion they want. The business class limo is always on time and never makes you late for the event.