Limousine services

Business Class Limo

Limousines are the vehicles which originally featured an enclosed area for passengers and an open-air cabin for the driver. These have been around for almost as long as the era of automobile. The first stretch limousines made their way onto the roadways after late 1920s, and after several decades later they became commonly hired by any average consumer. Today, however, at Business Class Limo you can choose from a wide variety of types and sizes with our Limousine services —accommodating from four to 22 (or more) passengers, and featuring a wide number of luxury conveniences such as custom lighting, leather seating, and large wet bars.

Limousine services with Business Class Limo:

Whatever your needs may be—to or from a convention, wedding, business meeting, sports game, bachelorette party, or any other type of special event— Business Class Limo has a vehicle that’s just right for your demand. And with more competitive price ranges and better logistics, we’re sure to satisfy not only your comfort and your need to arrive on time, but also your need to stay within pocket friendly prices.

Why choose us?

• Meticulously clean, and professionally serviced cars
• Experienced and courteous drivers
• Stress free experience: from reservation to drop-off
• Best prices
• Exceptional customer service

From the time you book our Limousine services until the time we drop you off at your destination, our dedicated customer service working for you. When you want reliable service and need to make a luxurious impression, but don’t want to put burden on your pocket for your next limousine service at Business Class Limo, we are always at the top of your list providing clean, professional, friendly drivers, luxurious cars and state of the art logistics, we promise to get you where you need to go in style, on time with less money.